Hand and Foot Care

Hand and Foot Therapy | Manicure | Pedicure | Artificial Nails

A manicure or pedicure experience at Aqua Salon and Spa Augusta is much more than nail shaping, cuticle care and the application of polish. It is a process ... pampering, relaxing ... carefully designed to invigorate and restore the health and beauty of your nails and leave you feeling renewed and rested. Our manicures are healing experiences, featuring cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning of your nails and skin as well as gentle, relaxing massage. Our pedicures define relaxation with hydrating whirlpool baths that leave your feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our new customized hand and foot therapies are much more  than just ordinary manicures and pedicures, these are ultimately relaxing and pampering signature spa sessions.

We offer sophisticated artificial nails including, but not limited to, acrylic, gel, pink and white and tip overlay. Look elegant every day with attractive artificial nails.

Acrylic Nails are a durable form of nail enhancement and the most affordable. It you can’t grow your nails for any reason, acrylic nails could be your best solution. They are recommended for those with naturally weak, brittle nails. They protect your nails from breaking, splitting or peeling. We can create the illusion they are your own long, lovely nails by adding extension tips. Colors will stay on acrylic nails, or any artificial nails, much longer that it would on your real nails. TAcrylic Nails are very popular because of their affordanbility, their durability and low maintenance.

Gel nails have become more popular in recent years. More customers are switching from acrylic nails to gel nails for a number of reasons. Gel nails look and feel more natural than acrylic nails because they're lighter and more transparent. Gel nails are not only as strong as acrylic nails, they are also more flexible, meaning they are less likely to crack, chip or lift and acrylic nails.

Pink and White Acrylic, also called Permanent French or Two Tone, is among the most popular look among women. It's classic, clean, natural, shiny and ready to go without having to wait for the polish to dry or the worry of the polish wearing off. Its non yellowing formula is applied in a double process with white powder for the edge and pink powder for the nail bed.