Henna Tattoos

At Aqua Salon and Day Spa, we like to provide our clients with much more than boring, routine salon services. That's why we've added amazing henna tattoos to our growing list of services.

Henna Tattoos are perfect for those looking for beautiful, but non-permanent tattoos. They can be an expression of your personality, a way of showing a belief, or simply a way to dress up an outfit. Whether you want henna tattoos for a special cultural occasion, a wedding, or just for fun, Aqua Salon is the best place to get them!

Henna is used by a variety of cultures around the world for special events such as weddings, baby showers and religious holidays. This fun, quick and inexpensive tattoo-like experience can provide the perfect accent for any occasion. We only use high quality, all natural Henna and have a variety of simple or very intricate designs to choose from. Feel free to bring in your own design for our artist to follow.

Henna paste is a mixture of Henna, a natural herb plant, ground into a powder and mixed with water and a few trade secret essential oils to produce a deep red color. It is applied with a cone applicator to create beautiful artwork on your body.

Our Henna Tattoos start at $35.